Are you confused about picking either Epson ET-4750 or Epson ET-7700? If yes, then this page will guide you in deciding the best printer that meets your requirements.


Epson ET-4750

Epson ET-7700


14.7 x 13.6 x 9 in (WxDxH)

16.7 x 23.5 x 7.7 in (WxDxH)


2.4 in color LCD

2.7 in color LCD

Touchscreen LCD




Print, Copy, Scan, and Fax

Print, Copy, and Scan



Printing technology

MicroPiezo inkjet

MicroPiezo inkjet

Print speed

15 ISO ppm (Black)

8 ISO ppm (Color)

1 sided printing- 6.5 ISO ppm (Black)

4.5 ISO ppm (Color)

13 ISO ppm (Black)

8 ISO ppm (Color)

Paper handling


Paper support

Plain paper, letter, photo paper, A4, envelopes

Plain paper, photo paper, A4, envelopes

Paper input capacity

250 plain sheets

10 envelopes

100 plain sheets

10 envelopes

20 photo paper



Number of copies

Up to 99 sheets

Up to 99 sheets

Copy features

sided to 2-sided, multi-page, remove shadow, borderless, ID copy

Auto background removal, faded photos, photo reprints and enlargements, copy onto CD/DVDs



Scanner type

Color flatbed/ADF

Color flatbed

Scan resolution

1200 x 2400 dpi

1200 x 2400 dpi

Scan features

Scan to PC, Scan to Cloud

Scan to PC, Scan to Cloud


Hi-Speed USB, Ethernet, Wi-Fi, and Wi-Fi Direct

USB, Ethernet, Wi-Fi, and Wi-Fi Direct

Supported OS

Windows XP, Professional, Vista, Server, 10, 8, 8.1, and 7

macOS X 10.6 - 10.12 x

Windows 10, 8, 8.1, 7, Vista, and Server

macOS X 10.6 - 10.12x

Mobile printing solutions

Epson Connect, Apple AirPrint, Scan to Cloud, Mopria Print Service, Google Cloud Print

Apple AirPrint, Mopria Print Service, Epson iPrint app, Epson Scan to Cloud, Epson Email Print

epson support features

Epson ET 4750

  • Automatic duplex printing
  • Print, copy, scan, and fax
  • 250-sheet paper tray
  • Wi-Fi Direct
  • Epson iPrint
  • ADF for multi-page scanning

Epson ET 7700

  • Print, copy, and scan
  • Wi-Fi Direct
  • Apple AirPrint
  • 100-sheet paper tray
  • Hi-Speed USB


Network printers have become the most convenient devices in small businesses and workgroups. Both Epson ET-4750 and Epson ET-7700 are network printers and are good at communicating over Wi-Fi. With the Wi-Fi Direct feature, you can connect to any wireless device without the help of a network router or access point.

If you are looking forward to getting a network printer, both Epson ET-4750 and 7700 will be good options. However, if money is your concern, then Epson ET-4750 is affordable and good at this price range with the following features: touchscreen LCD, ADF, Fax, and automatic two-sided printing.

We hope you have come to a conclusion about deciding the best among these printers. If you have any queries, reach our technical experts for assistance through the call option on this page.

epson support pros

Epson ET 4750

  • Convenient wired and wireless printing
  • Voice-activated printing
  • User-friendly touchscreen interface
  • Cartridge-free printing
  • Supersized ink tanks
  • An added advantage with ADF and Fax

Epson ET 7700

  • Easy filling ink tanks
  • Built-in USB slot
  • Low-cost replacement bottles
  • Vast connectivity options
  • Advanced mobile printing solutions
epson support cons

Epson ET 4750

  • No NFC support
  • Slow printing
  • Cost is high
  • No auto-duplexing from ADF

Epson ET 7700

  • No ADF
  • No automatic 2-sided printing
  • No Fax
  • Highly expensive


01. Epson ET 4750 Installation

epson support

If you are new to the Epson ET-4750 printer setup, read this section and set up your printer hassle-free.

Let’s get into the unboxing

  • Start by taking out the printer from the package.
  • Check the printer components.
  • Remove all the protective tapes and covers from the printer.

Let’s fill the ink tanks

  • Get the supplied ink bottles ready.
  • Open the ink tank cover and the cap of the ink tank you are going to fill.
  • Open the ink bottle and insert it into the filling port.
  • Let the ink tank get filled.
  • Securely remove the ink bottle and close the cap of the ink tank.
  • Repeat the same procedure to fill the rest of the ink tanks.
  • Close the ink tank cover and connect your printer to an electrical outlet using the provided power cord.
  • Next, turn the Epson ET-4750 printer on and set your preferences.
  • When the ink confirmation message appears, select Done to start charging ink.

Let’s load some plain sheets

  • Make sure that the printer is not charging ink.
  • Pull the paper cassette out of the printer.
  • Slide apart the paper guides and insert a stack of plain sheets.
  • Adjust the plain sheets with the paper guides and push the paper cassette back into the printer.
  • Next, pull the paper output tray and configure the paper settings on the control panel.

Note: If you wish to add a fax, connect the telephone line cord and configure the fax settings.

Let’s install the printer software

  • Insert the provided CD-ROM into your computer’s CD/DVD drive.
  • Next, run the setup file from the CD drive.
  • Accept the license agreements and install the required software by selecting them in the driver installation wizard.
  • Choose your connection type and carry out the on-screen instructions.
  • Finish the software installation and verify the printer functionality.

For Epson ET-7700:

If you are setting up the Epson ET-7700 printer for the first time, proceed with these steps to make it simple and trouble-free.

Let’s unbox the printer

  • Take out the printer from the package.
  • Remove the protective tapes from the inside and the outside of the printer.
  • Take out the ink bottles and keep them aside for later use.

Let’s fill the empty ink tanks

  • Open the ink tank cover and the cap of the ink tank into which you are going to fill the ink first.
  • Open the ink bottle and position it at the top of the ink tank to fill the ink.
  • Let the ink completely fill the ink tank.
  • Remove the ink bottle and close the ink tank cap.
  • Repeat the same procedure to fill the rest of the ink tanks.
  • Close the ink tank cover and get your printer alive by connecting it to a power socket. For that, use the provided power cord.
  • Turn on the Epson ET-7700 printer and configure the basic settings.
  • Press the Start button to initialize ink charging.
  • Once the process is completed, proceed to load print media.

Let’s load the paper cassette

  • Pull the paper cassette out of the printer.
  • Slide apart the paper guides.
  • Fan a paper stack and insert the sheets into the cassette.
  • Adjust the stack with the paper guides.
  • Keep the cassette flat and insert it all the way in.
  • Pull out the paper output tray and lower the control panel.

Let’s install the printer software

  • Use the supplied CD-ROM to run the driver installation wizard on your computer.
  • On Windows, click Yes if the device prompts for User Account Control.
  • On Macintosh, enter the administrator password in the available field and click Continue.
  • Agree to the EULA and click Next.
  • Pick your connection type and follow the instructions provided by the driver installation wizard.
  • Next, establish the connection between your printer and computer.
  • Install the required software and finish the software installation.

02. Epson ET 7700 Installation

epson support

As the Epson ET-4750 printer supports various wireless connection methods, it won’t be a big deal to perform the Wi-Fi setup. Here, we have discussed the wireless setup using the WPS Push Button configuration.

  • To begin with, turn on your printer.
  • Place the printer close to your router.
  • On the touchscreen control panel, press the Home button and select the Network icon.
  • Pick Wi-Fi (Recommended) --> Start Setup.
  • Choose Push Button Setup (WPS) and start the WPS operation.
  • Go to your wireless router within two minutes.
  • Press and hold the WPS button until the wireless light flashes.
  • Once the wireless connection is established, connect your printer and computer wirelessly by running the driver installation and selecting the wireless network connection option.

For Epson ET-7700:

The Epson ET-7700 printer is good at wireless communication. You can quickly connect any wireless device to this printer. This section describes how to connect the printer to your wireless network using the Wireless Setup Wizard.

  • Start by powering on the printer.
  • Ensure that the printer is placed closer to your router.
  • Raise the printer control panel and press the Home button.
  • Select Wi-Fi (Recommended) --> Wi-Fi Setup Wizard.
  • Press the OK button and wait for your printer to detect and display the nearby network names.
  • Pick your SSID from the available list and enter the network key.
  • Press the OK button and wait for your printer to connect to your wireless network.
  • Once the wireless connection is established, run the driver installation wizard on the computer connected to the same wireless network. Make sure you choose the Wireless network connection option as your connection type.


For Epson ET-4750:

Is your Epson ET-4750 printer not working as expected? Probably you would have missed your routine maintenance or misconfigured the printer settings. This section teaches you how to troubleshoot your printer when it is not printing any documents.

  • First, check if the paper cassette is loaded with enough paper.
  • Make sure that the connection between the devices is stable.
  • Check if there is an error message on the touchscreen LCD. If so, resolve it to continue trouble-free printing.
  • Otherwise, go to your computer and open the Print dialog box.
  • Ensure that your printer name is selected in the drop-down menu.
  • Click on Preferences or Properties. This will open the printer properties window.
  • Verify the print settings and make the necessary changes.
  • Cancel the pending print jobs, if any.
  • Retry to print your document and check if the problem is resolved.

For Epson ET-7700:

When your Epson ET-7700 printer is not printing any documents, the word ‘troubleshooting’ should strike your mind. Keep reading the steps given below to learn how to fix the printing issues on your printer.

  • Ensure that your printer is powered on.
  • If the printer is in hibernate or sleep mode, press any button on the control panel.
  • Next, check if the connection between your printer and computer is stable.
  • Verify if you have properly inserted the plain sheets into the paper cassette.
  • Visually check if the ink tanks have enough ink to print.
  • Check the print settings on your computer.
  • Ensure that your printer is set as default on your computer.
  • If the printing issue persists, run the printer troubleshooter or reinstall the printer driver.

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