Instant Unboxing 4650 | Connect Wireless

Instant Unboxing 4650

After receiving the 4650 printer from the retailer, place it on a flat surface. Check if the parcel is sealed, else return it.

  • Uncrate the printer from the parcel.
  • Discard all the protective tapes, and cardboard from your printer.
  • Open the ink cartridge door and remove the scotch tapes from it.
  • Access the input tray of your printer and discard the packing materials.
  • Safeguard the power cord, USB cable, installation CD, user manual, warranty card, etc., for future use.
  • Use the power cord to establish a power connection for your HP Officejet 4650 printer. 4650

HP Officejet 4650 Setting up the Preferences

  • After unboxing your printer, start using it by following the steps that are mentioned below.
  • Associate one end of the power cord with the rear of your HP Officejet 4650 printer.
  • The other end of the cord should be connected to the wall outlet directly. If you use any surge protectors, interruptions may occur while printing.
  • Turn your HP Officejet printer.
  • Your printer screen will prompt you to set the preferences.
  • The preferences will be Region/Country, Time and date, Language, etc. You need to set them accordingly.
  • Click Save or the Ok button to confirm the settings.

HP Officejet 4650 How to Load Printing sheets into the Input Tray?

It is recommended to load only HP recommended printing sheets into the main input tray of your 4650 printer. While loading a stack of sheets into the tray, verify that the following issues are not present.

  • Folded edges
  • Crumbled printing sheets
  • Printed sheets
  • Mismatched Paper size. These issues may prompt error messages, lead to bad print quality, and can cause paper jams in the printer.
  • To load the printing sheets into the tray, follow the instructions given below.
  • Pull the input tray towards you and place a stack of printing sheets.
  • Adjust the papers using the paper width guides until they seat in their place correctly.

How to 4650 Ink Cartridge?

The printer parcel comes with two ink cartridges (black and tri-color). Firstly, turn On your HP Officejet 4650 printer to open the ink cartridge access door.

  • Unpack the ink cartridge from its parcel.
  • Remove the orange cap on the cartridge.
  • Now, place the cartridge in its appropriate slot. Do not keep the cartridge out for more than 10 minutes, as ink may dry up on the nozzle.
  • Redo the steps that are given above for installing other ink cartridges. Make sure that you do not alter the place of your cartridges.
  • Close the ink cartridge access door of your HP printer.

HP Officejet 4650 Connectons

You can 4650 printer using a wired or wireless connection. if you are connecting your printer using a wired connection, utilize the USB cable provided during shipment.

HP Officejet 4650 Wired Setup

  • Use only the cable that is provided with your printer.
  • Connect one end of the cable to the printer’s 1 Line port.
  • Attach the other end to an appropriate port on your system.
  • After connecting your printer using the USB cable, check if the name of your device is listed in the Devices and Printers list.
  • If displayed, disconnect the USB cable, and reconnect it when you are prompted to do so while performing the installation.

HP Officejet 4650 Wireless Setup

While connecting your printer and system using a wireless connection, make sure you turn on the router. The network bandwidth to connect your printer should be from 2.4 GHz to 5.0 GHz. Both the printer and your device should be connected to the same network.

  • Switch On your HP Officejet 4650 printer.
  • Tap the Setup icon on the control panel of your printer.
  • Touch the Wireless Setup option.
  • Choose the name of your network and type the password correctly.
  • If a solid blue light on the Wi-Fi button is displayed, it means that the wireless 4650 has been established successfully.
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